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Download the FTAONLINE STUDENT LESSON GUIDE for the different license types.


The ‘Tasks’ page displays Computer Based Training (CBT) and Assessment tasks with Current and Completed task buttons to the right. Note that we provide an ‘open’ system whereby users are not managed by scheduled CBT or Assessment tasks.

Computer Based Training

  • Select CBT to view the Subjects and Lessons.
  • Use the above STUDENT GUIDE as reference highlighting the applicable lessons relevant to the different license type.
  • Select a lesson from the course structure and click the ‘Launch’ button to view the lesson scope. Start at the first scope point to view the lesson content.
  • During the lesson select the ‘Manual’ button to view the manual for the lesson. Select topics from the left menu to complete the scope content.
  • The ‘Scope’ button will return to the scope menu.
  • During the lesson if you want to comment on the content please use the COMMENT button at the top of the page, this will be helpful to improve the course and content.
  • Note that IREX is not available on CBT (only an assessment)


  • Select ‘Tasks’ from the main page and ‘Assessments’
  • Select an examination from the course structure and click/tap ‘Launch’
  • Note that an assessment may require you to download an assessment booklet (reference material is supplied by the user).
  • See instructions below the ‘Launch’ button.
  • During the assessment: Use the bottom toolbar to navigate to the next/previous question. Comments to questions can be added by selecting the ‘Comment’ link at the bottom of each question.
  • To mark the assessment select ‘Finish’
  • To review the assessment select ‘Review’ from the result page. A report is emailed with the relevant KDRs of incorrect questions.
  • A ‘Revision’ button is also available during the review, which will return you to the lesson content relevant to the question.
  • All assessments are repeatable.
  • The system allows a maximum time on a question of 5 minutes. The system will timeout after this period, as exams does not allow for extended time on questions as to complete the exam in the allow time.


A lesson manual is available from the lesson content page. Manuals are in PDF format and cannot be printed.


Although assessments can be done on a tablet e.g. iPad, the CBT is only available for a Windows PC, -Surface with IE 11 or earlier, Apple Mac using the following browsers; MS Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. See System Requirements for Adobe Shockwave installation needed to view the CBT.

Please note that the CBT is not compatible with Google Chrome v42 +

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)


Should you need additional information or assistance please contact us or email STEPS Support at FTA during office hours.

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