1. Registration

Can international clients subscribe to FTA Online?


What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made by Electronic Transfers Transfer (Internet Banking), Credit Card or Paypal.

What are the Terms of Use?

See following link Terms of Use

When can I expect my username and password?

Registrations are Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm. Allow 8 hours for the registration process after the receipt of payment, your login details will be forwarded to the email address supplied.

Where can I get a system Overview?

2. General

Does FTA offer practical flying?

Yes, see www.flyfta.com

Is FTA an approved CASA Aviation Training Organisation?

Yes, see www.flyfta.com

Is the courseware iPad or Android Tablet compatible?

CBT – No, iPad and Android devices are not supported. ASSESSMENTS – Yes can be done on tablets

What are the FTAONLINE software and browser requirements?
What is the data transfer size of the course?

Commercial Pilot Course data transfer 690 Mb.

3. Courses

Can I receive assistance during a lesson?

Yes, select the “assistance” button in the content/lesson viewer and ask your question. Each course is allocated to an instructor that will attend to your enquiry. Please allow 8 hours for a response.

Can manuals and workbooks be printed?
  • Lesson manuals are not printable.
  • Workbooks if available may be printed.
  • How do I report content inaccuracies?

    Select the “comment” button, provided for in the content/lesson viewer, leave us a comment and/or explanation of the inaccuracies.

    Why does the courseware content not display?

    Adobe Shockwave Player is needed to view the courseware (CBT). The player is install automatically when starting a lesson for the first time, remember to restart the browser. Should there still be incompatibilities download the player (13mb), close the browser and install, see System and Browser Requirements for instructions.

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